This is program is beyond anything I have ever created!

This is not just your ordinary "fix your confidence" type of course. This program is here to activate your fullest expression and embodiment of your truest confidence that resides within. It’s time to stop playing small and STEP FULLY into your BIGNESS by walking yourself home to your most authentic self.

Here’s what I’ve noticed. In the realm of personal growth and healing, it's not uncommon to find countless programs and self-proclaimed "secrets" promising to unlock the door to unwavering confidence. Some emphasize the power of energetics, while others believe it is solely mindset. Yet, here's what I've come to understand after many years of doing this work: the genuine key to authentic, inner confidence is about the harmony of both, intertwined with a deep connection to your heart and soul.

True confidence isn't a one-size-fits-all concept. It's a unique and deeply personal journey that demands you to look at the old stories that have kept you small for so long and redefine what confidence intuitively looks/feels like for you. The online space is constantly inundating us with endless messages dictating how we should think, who we should be, and how we should present ourselves. And all this does is leave your mind in a state of perpetual confusion, ultimately leading to frustration, exhaustion, and a sense of feeling lost.

Here's where I stand apart from the crowd: I see you as your own healer, and my role is to provide you with the essential tools and a nurturing environment to be held in. No shortcuts, no superficial tactics – just a deep dive into what's been truly holding you back and peel away the layers of external influences and societal expectations so that you can tap into the core of your being. 

This is what I teach in this course! It takes getting to know yourself and your needs. It requires depths of honesty and courage with yourself and others.

I am here to show you how to tune into your own needs, model how to ask for your needs to be met (both from yourself and others), teach you foundations and practices of how to build on your own unique confidence based on your life experiences, and show you how to embody them long-term. This is all learned based on the art of INNER TRUST!

This is where it gets to change for you! Right here, right now!


Phase 1: Re-Defining Confidence 

In this module, I will guide you on how to re-define confidence and what it truly means to you. I believe it is so important to set our own standards for ourselves, ones that feel in alignment with our heart— confidence is meant to feel GOOD! When we are measuring ourselves up to other people’s standards of confidence, it can feel as though we aren’t enough. It is crucial that you feel empowered in your authentic confidence. I want you to feel that within! I will provide you with tools and techniques that will allow you to explore confidence in ways you never have before, resulting in the utmost clarity.

Phase 2: Exploring What is Blocking You From Tapping Into Your Unshakeable Inner Confidence?

This module, we will go over the potential blocks that may be holding you back from reaching your satisfactory of confidence and worthiness. I will guide you to uncovering underlying core beliefs you may have about yourself and dismantle any limiting beliefs you may have FOR GOOD! When we can understand how our past plays out in our present, we gain a deeper understanding to our thought processes, behaviours and emotions. You will learn how to connect to your emotions and why they show up in the way that they do. 

Phase 3: Embodying Confidence 

When it comes to confidence, many believe it is about mindset. Yes, mindset plays a part in it, but I believe the embodiment of confidence and actually feeling into it using both our positive experiences and unfavourable experiences is what brings us into our authentic expression of confidence. In this phase, I will teach you how to prepare and nurture for experiences of rejection. I will guide you to tap into your strengths to apply in the moments of self-doubt, self-sabotage and fear. I will also provide you with a special formula to aid you in embodying confidence. 

Phase 4: Setting Clear, Honest, Healthy and Firm Boundaries 

A huge part of embodying confidence is learning what your boundaries and standards are. Or maybe you do know them already but you are unsure of how to express them to others. You will learn how to do all of the above in a healthy and respectful manner. You will also gain a healthy sense of self-respect in this module, which will be you anchor in your embodiment of confidence. 

Phase 5: How to Lead Healthy and Respectful Conversations

Being able to assert yourself in a respectful manner while holding your ground is a key aspect of cultivating confidence. It is essentially having the courage to use your voice. Your voice matters and deserves to be heard. I will show you how to have healthy conversations in a way where you have the space to express yourself but also where the other person is able to feel heard. You will essentially be learning how to create a safe space within and externally. 

Phase 6: Dance Embodiment 

In this module, you will have access to a series of tools and videos where I will guide you on connecting to your body, releasing any pent up emotions and create the inner space to hold joy, fun and freedom. In this module, you can expect to have A LOT OF FUN while learning how to be in your freest expression. (That sounds pretty good to me, fun and becoming confident all in one). You will leave this module feeling empowered, uplifted and energized! 

Resource Tools:

These 6 phases are not a one time do it fix all type of thing. It is important that you revisit these phases and use them as ongoing tools of reflection and re-alignment of action. 

I have also included protocols, guided meditations, pep talks and so much more! These resources are there to further support your journey back home to your inner confidence! 

You will feel so held, so taken care of, and so loved in this program!


If you are TIRED of that inner voice beating up on you, tired of your entire external environment disrespecting you, tired of staying quiet in moments you want to use your voice, tired of your kindness being taken advantage of-- this is for you!

If you are ready to:

  • Stop putting up with the BS treatment within and around you
  • Ready to step into your full power by learning how to use your voice assertively and set clear/firm boundaries
  • Learn how to express your needs in empowering ways
  • HONOUR YOURSELF instead of engaging in self-betrayal/self-sabotage
  • Learn how to regulate and expand your nervous system to create a calm inner environment
  • Fully and completely LOVE & ACCEPT yourself

This is not for you if:

  • You want to continue to be taken advantage of
  • Continue to feel guilty saying no OR your "no" is NOT being respected
  • Live in a world where your boundaries are not respected and heard resulting in you feeling small and invisible
  • Want to continue in chaos
  • Want to keep sacrificing your own needs in place of satisfying others
  • Want to stay in silence and suffer
  • Continue to reject yourself and live in shame and guilt

The work we are about to do together, is going to activate your full sense of self-worth leading you with love and compassion into your UNSHAKEABLE INNER CONFIDENCE!